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Credit Card Responsibility Agreement Schoolsfirst

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APR – annual percentage 1. To give you this advantage, Mastercard has been working with Generali, a world leader in identity protection, for more than 15 years. 2. Certain conditions and exclusions apply. For insurance coverage to be applied, you need to use your secure Mastercard to back up transactions. Please read your benefits guide for more details or call 1-800-MASTERCARD for support. 3. SchoolsFirst FCU`s credit card program offers a number of interest rates based on a wide range of factors, including the applicant`s credit quality. Prices are valid from 31.10.19. Before the account is opened, the indicated rate may change without notice. After opening the account, the rate is set for at least one year, depending on whether it changes thereafter. Fees for foreign transactions: 2% of the transaction in U.S.

dollars. 1. SchoolsFirst FCU`s credit card program offers a number of rates based on a variety of factors, including the applicant`s credit quality. APR – annual percentage. From 20.9.20 09.2000, Inspire credit card rates range from 8.50% to 17.40% of APR; Credit card prices for school employees range from 7.50% to 17.90% of RPA; And Reward`s credit rates are between 11.50% and 17.90% APR. Prices can change, vary and can be increased after the account is opened. Must be a school employee to qualify for the credit card of school staff. For credit cards guaranteed by shares: the price is currently set at 13.90% APR and can be changed without notice. Fees for foreign transactions: 2% of the U.S. dollar transaction for Inspire, School Employee and Share-Secured Cards.

Replace the classic, gold and platinum. A low, daily and low rate at no fees1 with new features that will help you know your credit – and protect. With responsible management and healthy spending habits, you may be eligible for an unsecured credit card at a lower price. Whether you`re looking for low prices, big travel bonuses, special benefits for school employees, or want to create or rebuild your credits, we have a card that matches your spending habits and lifestyle. A SchoolsFirst FCU Mastercard offers many benefits, including enhanced security features, no low fees1 and free identity alerts and solution services. It`s a card that you can feel comfortable with every use. The credit card with a higher salary degree. Designed exclusively to meet the needs of school employees, with low rates and 1.5% cash back.

All benefits without any restrictions. Now with 1.5 points for $1 for an even more rewarding experience.