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Event Uk Artist Agreement

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14.2 If agreed amendments occur at a later date, an appropriate fee should be agreed between the two parties. This tax is paid and paid directly to the artist on the day of the event. All changes will continue to be subject to these Terms and Conditions. 8.6 The proponent of the project should keep all the terms of the contract secret and confidential. 6.2 The artist will inform the agent as soon as he becomes aware of the force majeure event. The agent must inform the client of the cancellation as soon as possible after the artist`s communication and make all reasonable attempts to find an appropriate replacement artist with a similar standard, style and cost. If no suitable replacement is found, the agent agrees to reimburse the client for the down payment plus all fees already paid in advance. The contract represents the full approval of the parties. All other agreements and agreements are excluded. Under no circumstances is the agent liable to the client for expenses, wasted expenses, loss of earnings or damage to Demotor, directly or indirectly. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the details of the contract.

(a) the artist will offer a highly professional level of performance and will behave professionally at all times during participation in the event. b) the artist will immediately contact the agent in case of problems related to their performance at the event. (j) The project proponent must ensure that all working documents, visa before the concert are requested and paid for and that the artist receives the original documents by the immigration presentation mail. The organizer must provide full instructions on what the artist should do before departure (if so) / upon arrival at immigration. Time must be granted if the artist or artist Visa Agent must obtain permission from your embassy for the trip. The organizer should inform the elite of any restrictions on entry into the country where the show is to take place. 7.3 In case of cancellation of the customer, the agent will try to set a reservation for the artist for the date. However, the agent cannot guarantee a reservation guarantee, so the artist is allowed to use other sources to complete that date.

Unless otherwise agreed, the balance must be paid by the client on behalf of the artist 14 days before the date of the event at DG Music Payments Limited (company number 06827493).