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Nhmrc Project Grant Funding Agreement

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An agreement is reached between UQ and other organizations that have cooperated on the ARC and NHMRC grants, which are multi-party loans. In many cases, a multi-institutional agreement (MIA) is reached between UQ and all other Australian cooperation institutions regarding the grant, as well as international organizations in certain circumstances. The MIA is used to govern the implementation of the grant and, where appropriate, the payment of grants between institutions in which other institutions are located. If appropriate ethical authorization is required before a project can begin, funds will only be released by the NHMRC when ethics clearances are available. If no funding is intended to be distributed to foreign cooperating agencies, please contact RIC by email, as a simple non-fund agreement is used instead. Applications scheme and RGMS nhmrcprojects@research.uq.edu.au Completion of technical and financial services at NHMRC is the responsibility of the CIA/administration. Any forward carry of unspent NHMRC project funds and extension is the responsibility of the administrative institution and a copy of all authorizations should be forwarded to cooperating institutions. An MIA is required from all Australian cooperation institutions, although no funding is to be provided to these institutions. For most international organizations, a LETTER of Agreement (LOA) is put in place instead of an MIA.

If funds are to be provided to a participating international institution as part of an NHMRC grant, an MIA is required. Because MIAs, OL And other contractual requirements are financially specific, the UQ Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will contact successful applicants for instructions on the individual requirements that apply to their projects. Applicants who participate in projects not managed by the University of Melbourne are designated as non-lead scholarships. Non-chief NHMRC applications should not be included in Dieis submissions at the time of application, but ICNs must be aware of the proposal if key contributions are required If the circumstances of the project change, NHMRC approval may be required. Variations must be requested through the CIA through the administrative institution`s research office. Research, Innovation and Marketing (RIC) is not involved in the recruitment or appointment of employees paid from scholarships and scholarships, which is the responsibility of the department and faculty as well as its human resources services. High-level investigators should have provided information on the results of a scholarship through their annual update of their RGMS CDs and are encouraged to keep their RGMS CVs up to date even after the final report is presented. NHMRC can thus assess the long-term scientific, health and economic impact of NHMRC-funded research. Scholars can also use this information to provide research results from their previously held NHMRC scholarships. If there is an expected amount of unspent funds at the end of the eligibility period and research activities may not be completed, an application for a change in the grant period must be made one month before the grant expires through the GSN.