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Promise Of Sale Agreement

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After placing your deposit money (normally 10% of the final sale price) with the promise of sale, you must now think about how to finance the final purchase. It will be your responsibility to do so effectively. If you intend to take out a loan from the bank, the notary and the owner should have been informed, and the promise of sale should have depended on such a bank loan. You should immediately contact the bank or banks to allow the normal credit procedure, which should take between 6 weeks and 2 months to complete its course and determine if you can actually get the amount you need from the bank. As soon as the bank agrees to borrow the necessary funds, you can contact the notary to obtain the necessary documents. Depending on the letter of sanction issued by the bank, you may need to extend the promise of sale accordingly. A konvenju can and is usually conditioned by a number of conditions. The most common condition for concluding a provisional agreement, in addition to the search for debts and securities is correct, is the granting of a home loan by a bank. “For example, the Supreme Court`s decision of October 29, 1931 stated: “… that Article 1504 of the Civil Code is not applicable, in the sense that it is intended, because this is not a perfect sale to which the article refers, but only a promise of sale… and the judgment of 30 December 1955 which states that “Article 1504 of the Civil Code expresses a specific specificity, specific to the sale of real estate and which therefore applies only to it and not to the terms of the option or promise to purchase… ».

The judgments of October 7, 1896, January 26, 1942, November 11, 1943, March 6, 1954, March 10, 1966, March 13, 1997 and March 14, 1998 are identical. With regard to the violation of promises to purchase, it is necessary, in accordance with Article 1451, paragraph 2, to respect the general principles relating to obligations contained in the Civil Code and, in principle, article 1124 of the labour code.