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Resident Agreement Form

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21.You have the right to make suggestions, register complaints or make complaints about the maintenance of the service you or another resident receives here. You may have these concerns at the Assistant Living Manager at __________________or_ 3.Based on your doctor`s information and an assessment by that facility, you need care – if your care needs change and you need a higher level of care for which this facility is not authorized, we can ask the service to forego care so that you can stay here. If the waiver request is not accepted, we will notify you in time of your release and help you find an appropriate facility. this agreement will come into effect and on that date, including that the fee for all necessary costs for the current month of 23.Phoenix Rising is responsible for monitoring and recording the health status of residents. 24.The facility will not manage the finances of residents if the resident is unable to. 25. The assisted housing agency is responsible for organizing or monitoring your care and allocating services, including equipment, that are not provided by the institution. It is the responsibility of the institutions to take care of the residents and to obtain contracts for services that are not provided by the institution. Case Manager will help fluctuating participants obtain the necessary medical care and medical equipment, as approved in their care plan, participants can identify the auxiliary devices and equipment providers of their choice by their case manager. You acknowledge that the violation of this Agreement, the College Guidelines or the standards set by the College staff for the residential establishment assigned to you may lead to disciplinary action (for more information in the student manual) or to an administrative revocation of the stay on campus and the termination of the residence agreement.

20.A copy of the rights of residents is attached and inserted into this agreement by reference. This organization will honor and respect your rights. 27.Residents are not required to attend adult day care. He or she has the right to choose the time they wish to visit. The institution will be in line with the residents` welcome plan for the number of participants in the day care week. 7.If it is necessary to move your room or bed allocation due to health, safety or other conditions, the property will notify you at least 5 days in advance. IN WHITNESS WHEREOF, THE PARTIES HAVE EXICUTED THIS AGREEMENT 22.Si your complaint is addressed to the ALH manager, you will receive a response to your complaint within 5 days, if you are not satisfied with this response or if the ALH manager does not respond to your complaint, you can contact the Assisted Accommodation Claims Department. The 9.Locks file is available to you to safeguard your personal belonging. 6.You are #____________ bedroom and bed #_______________ 8. If your care needs become more important than what the facility can safely manage, it may be necessary to transfer you to another facility. In this case, you will receive at least 30 days before the transfer and help with the transmission to your new home. (2) is permitted to provide a low, moderate and high level of care.

10.This establishment follows the safety rules to ensure your safety and well-being: individuals must have the freedom to decorate and equip their own unit, as agreed under the residency agreement. The THIS_________ day OF_________ YEAR__________________ 4.The monthly care fee at this monthly fee includes the services listed below. This tax does not include medication, personal phone/phone calls, medical equipment, entertainment or excursions, clothing purchase, adult day care, hairdresser, hairdressing, manicure, funeral and burial expenses.