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Individual Employment Agreement Secondary Teachers

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The EPI and the ERO have agreed on a remuneration system which provides, on 1 July each year, a range of remuneration for the positions covered by this collective, with annual salary adjustments for the duration of the agreement. The process of resolving labour relations issues is included in Appendix I of this agreement. If it is not possible to resolve a particular problem in the employment relationship, it will be dealt with in accordant to the employment procedures of Part 9 of the Labour Relations Act 2000. (c) if the worker chooses the transfer to the new employer, the worker is not entitled to the termination of the employment relationship at the Agency (or the payment of the wage instead of the latter) under this agreement. b) Individual recycling – The minimum financial assistance for individual retraining is the payment of a salary equivalent (such as the last day of service in the public service) for the duration of studies up to one academic year (usually 38 weeks). Workers whose course lasts more than one year may receive their salary for weeks of long-term leave before the course resumes the following year, provided that their department can guarantee employment and wishes to employ them during that period. (This is not available if the Board of Education becomes a state-owned enterprise or is dissolved). Additional resources are available for expenses corresponding to a maximum amount of the average severance pay calculated for all workers in this specified surplus if severance pay had been an option. Expenses may include, for example. B: salary during training, if the course is longer than an academic year: books and equipment, transfer fees, payday leave, while the start of studies is expected in certain circumstances.

In some cases, the maximum additional funding varies to meet specific training needs. Employment contracts must contain certain clauses. Additional clauses should be adopted to meet the needs of the organization and the worker. Collective agreements (CA) and individual employment contracts (IEAs) set the conditions of employment of school workers. (a) 40 (40) weeks of school in the merged school (see item 3.9.7 (1)) ;(b) overstretched 40 (40) weeks of school in another school (see item 3 ;( Recycling (see 3.9.7(2)) ;(d) severance pay (see 3.9.7 (3)) ;(e) (see 3.9.7 (3));(e) (see 3.9.7(4). After confirmation and agreement between the Executive Chief and PSA on reassignment, when vacancies are still vacant and candidates are PSA members, the employer and the EPI will meet to assess the skills of all employees who do not yet have a position and to reach agreement on the process for appointing new positions. (a) a time allowance of up to 0.5 VZTE is granted as a special allowance for teachers trained under the Te At-kura programme for the use of their particular skills in the areas of Taha Méori, for the assistance of Maori students and for the link between the school and the Maori community; and at least 0.5 FTTE from the normal rights of school staff. (f) If the full-time permanent position holder wishes to share the teaching position and the employer is satisfied with the rules of the distribution of work and the teachers are fit, they are appointed without advertising. 3.2.1 When appointing the person best placed for the position, the employer takes into account the relevant experiences, qualifications and skills for the position, as well as the other relevant issues it identifies. The principles and responsibilities and responsibilities of good employers and equal opportunities are applied and demonstrated in appointment procedures.