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Mcc Agreement In Tamil

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The U.S. Embassy website in a list of notes and information on its website translated fact sheets into both Sinhalese and Tamil, but not the people in the agreement know that ACSA is signed by the slave government and wanted the new president to abolish it. If SOFA has been signed, the president/government should reveal who signed this agreement and its contents. “November 16 mandates” was all against CASA, SOFA and MCC. So far, the president and the government have disappointed public opinion by making a shameful U-turn against them. At the same time, people have already seen with their own eyes how false the so-called patriots who opposed the American agreements are. Of the three agreements, the MCC is the greatest threat to Sri Lanka`s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Compared to resolutions 30/1 and 40/1, resolutions 30/1 and 40/1 are nothing. The government boldly announced in Geneva that it had decided to withdraw from the resolution, in accordance with the “mandate of 16 November”.

Therefore, the termination of CASA and SOFA under the “November 16 mandates” is nothing. In the next election, people should elect any party that ensures the withdrawal of CASA and SOFA (if it is signed, people have the right to know who signed on behalf of Sri Lanka) as well as the party that signed the MCC TOTAL REJECT agreement. Media analysis suspects a Chinese hand, both for the suppression of the De Mattala proposal and for Sri Lanka`s visible reservations about the tripartite ECT memorandum. Mattala Airport is not far from the port of Hambantota, which is now in China`s possession The detailed ECT agreement has not yet been reached, which could be China`s last chance to thwart the same thing so that it has a “contradictory” presence not far from the Beijing-funded port city of Colombo. A number of U.S. State Department officials have visited Sri Lanka since the presidential elections and have held various discussions with the Sri Lankan community. The objective of this intention seems to be to convince Sri Lankans that the GCC agreement greatly benefits Sri Lanka. In a recent discussion with a group of Sri Lankans and some U.S.

State Department officials, one U.S. official said, in reference to the agreement, that there was “no free lunch.” This comment, which is reported in the media, is supposed to be an answer to a journalist`s question about what the United States receives from this agreement. Sri Lanka`s ability to compact MCC was first announced by MCC directors in December 2016; it obtained final approval from the Board of Directors on April 25, 2019.