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Tuc Model Agreement For Academies

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The model agreement will be discussed later in this toolkit, but there are a number of other ways in which you and your institution may be able to protect the rights of new employees who will join the Academy after the transfer. Thus, prior to the transformation, the departments negotiated with their municipality new collective agreements that provide for the transfer and application to all staff of an academy. This regime applies to staff in schools that become academies. Level 3 – If the problem is not resolved after Levels 1 and 2, it can be referred to an appropriate external agency (ACAS) with the agreement of both parties (as defined in Section 6). As a representative, you should discuss the standard agreement with NEU members and representatives of other unions who may have members in your school or university. As soon as members are notified of the importance of the agreement, you should speak to your director and ask the board to adopt the agreement. This should be done before transmission, if possible. It is never too late to negotiate contracts, even after the transfer. Please talk to your branch secretary or a NEU contact about how to get such protection. The Union can publicize these achievements to help others.

Given that the document itself is quite long, governors may wish for some time to read and consider their implications. They should stress that the great strength of the agreement is to stop the continuity of existing relations and to clearly codify expectations for future relations. This will help to assess the professionalism of staff by giving them a voice in the workplace and ensuring consistency of conditions. NEW attaches great importance to the Academy taking over the standard TUC agreement. However, the Academy may not want to do so for any reason. If so, there are several options available to you and your members. When a two-step set of rules is put in place, it is important to remain vigilant to protect the conditions of workers who have sealed the new employer. Some academies have attempted to undermine the commercial conditions of transferred teachers by “harmonizing” the two contracts. Often this has been attempted by individual interviews or letters to collaborators.

The agreement was signed by the teachers` unions (ATL, NASUWT and NUT) and the unions, which represent the support and other professionals of the school (GMB, UNISON and Unite). 7.1 The parties to this agreement reserve the right to terminate it in writing within six months. Changes can be made with the agreement of the parties. The TUC Model Agreement contains a number of guidelines on how the Academy should negotiate with unions, what institutions should be created for union representatives, and a guarantee that all future employees are entitled to the same conditions as employees who switch to the new employer. If the new Board of Directors is resistant to the adoption of the ACCORD on the TUC model or any possible changes to this agreement, 3.11.2 Information on the consultation on redundancies when the university proposes to lay off 20 or more persons than those who are dismissed (according to Section 188 of the Treaty (C)A 1992 amended) to reach an agreement.