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Double Taxation Agreement Between Hong Kong And China

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The updated agreement reduced withholding tax from 20% to 15% for Hong Kong residents who receive dividends from uk Real Estate Investment Trusts. Withholding tax for Hong Kong residents who collect royalties and interest from the UK is also limited to 3%, instead of the non-contractual rate of 20%. The Hong Kong/Uk CDTA replaces the limited double taxation agreements in place to avoid airlines for airline revenues and shipping revenues. Arbitration Centre or “HKIAC”) recognized as the leading international dispute resolution provider in Asia. Yet Hong Kong was not yet considered the ideal place for building a regional headquarters in Asia. Prior to 2010, Hong Kong only concluded global double taxation treaties/agreements (“DTAs”) with 5 jurisdictions, namely Mainland China, Belgium, Luxembourg, Thailand and Vietnam. However, following the 2009 G20 summit, the Hong Kong government was pressured to conclude new tax deals to support international efforts to improve tax transparency. By 1 August 2012, Hong Kong has made considerable progress in expanding its contract network, with a total of 25 global DTAs signed and a number of PDOs under negotiation. The expanded DTA network has significantly enhanced Hong Kong`s attractiveness as an international investment hub for regional and global companies/organizations. The table below summarizes the evolution of Hong Kong`s overall DBA up to 1 August 2012: in the absence of mutual agreement, these persons are not entitled to tax benefits under the DBA. This broadens the criterion for determining the tax domicile of a person who has so far retained only the place of actual management. The region should not use double taxation treaties that China might enter into, as these agreements only mention continental taxes.

Mainland China will also not impose the conditions of double taxation treaties in the territory, since it guaranteed Hong Kong, in accordance with Articles 106 to 108 of the Basic Law, the right to maintain an independent tax regime without continental interference until 2047. . .