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Tenancy Agreement Pets Nz

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If the pet has been on the premises and the carpets are not reasonably clean and tidy, the tenant may have to clean the carpets commercially. Some pets can cause serious damage and problems. It is up to you to decide whether or not to allow pets; Not all pets cause problems, but not all owners are responsible. Sometimes the type of lease prescribes that pets are not allowed, but as a general rule, owners simply contain a “No Pets” clause in the lease. This in turn means that many more private tenants have or want pets. Hairless question So why say “yes” to pets? Who`s the perfect tenant? You might think it`s a young professional couple without children or pets. But, as Kerr points out, this couple will probably buy their own home as soon as possible. The best tenants he has in one of his rental properties are an older couple with a Bichon Frise, a breed of toys that does not shed hair. They look after the property as if it were their own and have been renting it for many years without ever intending to move. As all our experts have pointed out, owners cause pet problems. The type of caregiver who takes good care of their pets is also likely to take good care of their property, be insured and pay the rent reliably. Pet owners will probably stay longer because they cannot be sure of finding another property that their pet will accept.

Another potential benefit is that your property will be rented faster if you accept pets, says Pam Marshall, Managing Director of Ironbridge Christchurch. “We have owners who say `no pets` package, and they won`t give in; But if you do, sometimes it takes a little longer to rent your house because you just narrowed your pool of tenants. A law change that would give tenants certain rights to keep pets could make a big difference to cat owners, while it could potentially be less useful for dog owners, the SPCA acknowledged. He says he loves pets and has been a regular keeper for one of his former tenant dogs, but the risk of pets to owners can be high. Repairing damage to lawns, gardens, buildings or anything else to rent as a result of the pet Currently, owners can refuse pets, even goldfish, but the government has been looking for ways to help tenants feel more at home in their rental properties, it was said. A spokesperson for the Auckland Property Investors Association says the association does not have a fixed directive for pets because “different owners have different levels of comfort when it comes to pets.”