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Aglc Enterprise Agreement

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Only one company agreement may apply at any time to an employee with respect to a particular job. However, if an employee has 2 jobs with 2 different employers, there may be different agreements that apply to the worker with respect to the different jobs. In this case, each job is treated separately when determining the employee`s claims, and each job can be covered by a separate agreement. A company agreement applies to a trade union that was a negotiator for a worker who is covered by the agreement if the union submits a request for insinuation before the approval of the agreement by the Commission. [5] In its approval decision, the Commission will determine that the agreement covers the Union. [6] A company agreement cannot be concluded with a single employee. [1] Go to our document search first and try to search for full-text agreements. There is also an appeal procedure for the classification set out in the agreement, but the final decision is not open to prosecution. New Article 53 Contracting Out – including consultation of the Union 90 days before any decision on procurement.

The union also has the opportunity to approach the employer to discuss positions/work already on contract, in order to provide the service with bargaining unit staff. New letter of agreement – to include the health expense account in the collective agreement. New Letter of Understanding – Consultation with the Union prior to any changes to health care plans. Below is a brief summary of the positive changes contained in this modernized interim agreement, many of which many of you have been identified as requiring changes. Please note that this is a summary and not an exhaustive list of changes. For more information, you should consult the preliminary agreement on the Local 50 Facebook page, the link in this post or the Local 50 website: local050.aupe.ca/ The Commission may request the termination of a company agreement before the nominal expiry date, if this has been agreed by the employer and the majority of the workers covered by the agreement. . . .