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Amendment To Shareholders Agreement Template

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Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, all costs and expenses, including fees and payments of attorneys, financial advisors and accountants related to this Agreement and in entering into and executing the contemplated transactions, shall be borne by the party causing such costs or expenses. (iv) the amendment of one of the transaction documents; (c) Each shareholder votes on all shares for which that shareholder is the registered holder or for which that shareholder otherwise has the opportunity to control or direct the vote at such a meeting of shareholders, or to make a written decision concerning all shares for which that shareholder is the registered holder or for which the shareholder otherwise has the possibility: to control or direct the vote on it. in favour of a decision to obtain a transfer in accordance with the provisions of this Article III and to prohibit any transfer which does not comply with this Article III. Shareholders shall cause the members of the board of directors to vote in accordance with the provisions of this Article III. (c) The dragging Along shareholder must provide the dragged Along shareholder, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the closing of the sale provided for in the Drag Along Offer, a written notice (the “Drag Along Notification”) regarding such a Drag Along transaction (the “Drag Along” Offer). The Drag-Along Communication contains a written communication on the exercise of the rights of the dragging Along shareholder, in accordance with section 3.08 (b), and contains the third parties that issue the Drag Along Offer, the consideration offered per share and all other essential conditions of the Drag Along Offer. within twenty (twenty) days from the date on which the drag-Along notification is made, the dragged Along shareholder shall cooperate in the manner in which the dragging along shareholder must reasonably seek permission for the sale of the securities requested by each of those dragged Along shareholders in accordance with the Drag-Along offer, and a sales agreement regarding the sale of the securities of the dragging along shareholder and the dragged Along shareholder in accordance with the of fre Drag-Along Does not offer. nd will cooperate appropriately in the transfer of these securities to the third party concerned; Provided, however, that the shareholder of Dragged Along is not required to represent and guarantee in such a contract of sale, except with regard to the power of the shareholder dragged Along to enter into the contract of sale and the ownership of the securities for sale by the shareholder of Dragged Along. .

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