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The Beer Store Master Framework Agreement

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Four years ago, Kathleen Wynne`s Liberal government promised to expand the sale of beer in Ontario grocery stores, but it signed a sweetheart deal with the devil, aka Brewer`s Retail Inc., aka The Beer Store. In response to Sens` analysis, The Beer Store commissioned a Survey of Quebec Beer Prices – Ontario by Debra Aron, an economist at Navigant Economics, who reviewed the average TBS beer prices for domestic consumers throughout 2013 compared to all beer sales in Quebec`s seven largest food chains using Neilsen data for the same period. Aron`s study concluded that in 2013, the average price of TBS beer was 18% lower than that of Quebec grocery stores, or about $4.40 less per case per case of 24 doses. [26] IT is TBS`s policy to accept any brewery in the world to sell its product as long as the brewery meets LCBO requirements. [19] In addition, unlike many other retailers, a brewery has flexibility in the number and the stores in which it wishes to sell its product. [19] Since The Beer Store operates on a cost-covering basis, the offer fee for small breweries can be kept to a minimum. In 2016, TBS implemented a new lower rate for small qualified breweries, significantly lower than the basic service rate paid by large breweries. [20] Small breweries producing less than 1000,000 hectolitres of beer per year qualify for this lower level of their first 50,000 hectolitres of beer produced this year. In addition, small qualified breweries producing less than 10,000 hectoliters per year now benefit from 2 free guaranteed product listings in 7 of their nearest beer stores. | Reviews Grocery shopping is bad for our health and our budget It was a stupid market. What the Wynne government or one of its predecessors of all stripes should have done was end the Sweetheart status of the Beer Store and move to an open market. If they had, there could be beer today not only in a few hundred grocery stores in Ontario, but also in convenience stores.

Next: Bar and restaurant owners literally can`t buy beer from the LCBO if that product is available from the LCBO. The Beer Store is also actively committed to reducing its carbon footprint by finding innovative ways to reduce its energy consumption, an important contribution for any brand, especially for a company that must constantly cool its product. [31] A notable initiative is the use of outdoor air to cool beer when outside temperatures predict such a tactic. [31] (a) The company is improving the customer experience across its retail network, including by converting stores to more modern retail formats such as self-service formats with an open concept, and ensuring that all newly built stores have open self-service formats. . . .