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University Collaboration Agreement Template

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The templates below may require changes or revisions based on the type of activity you want to offer. The oVPIA Partnership Team will work with you on any necessary changes. These agreements are processed by the faculty and signed by the dean and principal* of the faculty. The mICRA model template and complete instructions can be downloaded from the NIHR website. This proposal is a comprehensive academic cooperation agreement that should be tailored to the needs of your unit. It includes faculty and student exchanges, guest student programs and other forms of cooperation. Delete any sections that are not related to what you and your partnership want to track. Nationally approved model agreements help speed up the contractual process of industry-sponsored studies in the NHS by creating the need for site checks and local legal agreements. This enables an earlier start-up, improves the speed of industry-sponsored clinical trials and allows NHS patients to access innovative treatments faster. For strategic employees of the university, this master agreement option provides for the negotiation of standard contractual terms for research and test/evaluation projects, in order to accelerate the execution of simple tasks if future or ongoing engagements are expected to take place with a sponsor. In the document Regler för etablering av internationella samarbetsavtal [Rules on the conclusion of international cooperation agreements], the University of Linnaeus establishes rules for the signing of new international cooperation agreements and the evaluation of existing agreements with higher education institutions abroad. All international cooperation agreements concluded by the University of Linnaeus at the global, technical, departmental or faculty level must follow the same quality assurance routines.

The United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration has published a series of model agreements that sponsors and “bar” host institutions can use for commercial research on medical devices, research with contract research organizations, and commercial research on primary supply. A written agreement regulating the timing within which confidential information disclosed between K-State and a potential research sponsor may be limited so as not to be disclosed to third parties. The student exchange model contains detailed conditions regarding the specific responsibilities of incoming and outgoing exchange participants. Instructions have been developed to understand when and how Lambert model chords are used. The comments also set out in more detail the role and terminology of formulations in agreements. This model can be used for certain collaborative projects, programs or other activities that do not involve faculty/student exchanges or double degrees. Below you will find out more about what is contained in the different forms of agreements, the guidelines for establishing agreements and information on practical procedures. . .