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What Is Collective Agreement In Ges

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The Ghana National Teachers` Association (GNAT) has called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) to fight for a new collective agreement for its employees to be concluded by December 31, 2019, which has been approved and signed by all parties involved to legitimize it and replace the current one, which expired in 2011. This collective agreement is generally reviewed every three (3) years.7 2.1 The purpose of this agreement is to establish the terms and conditions of employment with respect to salaries, wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment. 2.2 Both Parties recognize and agree to promote growth and the development of cooperation, trust, respect and fairness and to strive to maintain these virtues in their management policies and standards. 2.3 The parties consider that the best way to promote these attitudes is to clarify that the employers and trade unions involved in the negotiations on this agreement were not anti-union or anti-management, but genuinely cared about the best interests and well-being of the Ghanaian education service and all teachers, as well as the promotion of the growth of a stable trade union. A collective agreement contains the terms and conditions of employment of a particular group of workers and may be concluded between trade unions, on the one hand, and representatives of one or more employers` or employers` organizations, on the other. 4.2 In the event that both parties do not enter into negotiations on the terms of a new contract, the existing contract will remain in force until a new contract is signed and the date of its entry in force is agreed. In addition to calling on GES to legitimize a new collective agreement by December 31, 2019, the following critical issues were discussed, among others: The Ghana Education Service responded to this call and a new collective agreement between teachers` unions and GHGs was signed. This is a step in the right direction, as the agreement will ensure decent and satisfactory work standards in the teaching profession. It was clear to the association that the GES had to ensure that, by December 31, 2019, a new collective agreement for its employees was negotiated, approved and signed by all parties involved, legitimized and replaced by the outdated collective agreement that expired in 2011.

19.4 Permanent leave Teachers who have to retire are granted 3 months of permanent leave so that they can prepare for retirement. 19.5 Examination leave An employee who participates in one of the following examinations during working hours may be granted full leave for the days on which he or she actually performs the examination work and for the days actually necessary for the arrival and departure from the examination centre by the most direct route; and this period is not considered an emergency leave. Entrance examination to admission institutions i. General certificate of instruction (ordinary or previous level) ii. WASSCE iii. Recognized professional examination for other study programs in higher education institutions iv. Promotion Examination and Interview v. Final exam or equivalent exam; and vi. Service-relevant testing. The casual or emergency leave provisions apply to employee examinations other than those listed above.

In all cases, employees must apply for approval. 19.6 Composition of the Committee i. An employee must, in the usual manner, obtain the prior agreement of the head of department/regional or the head of the management or educational service before accepting membership in a committee of a public institution, which may require his absence from work during working hours. .